Friday, September 26, 2008

Let Faith Inspire Your Business

Hello search engine experts, I realize in an earlier blog
I strayed from my usual business finance and online
marketing focus. Why did I write from an inspirational
and spiritual focus instead?

The truth be told I did it for no other reason than
I was moved spiritually to do so. The spirit told
me someone needed to see what I was moved to write.

Since I received a lot of thanks and positive feed back
I will explore faith and business for two more emails.
This blog will be the 2nd of 3 on business from a
spiritual perspective.

To be in business (especially these days) you have to
have faith because...

- 80% of businesses fall within a few years

- The divorce rate among entrepreneurs is very high

- entrepreneurs experience high stress and health
related challenges

Being in business takes vision, inspiration, and
a lot of preparation. There will be lonely days
and short nights.

If you don't have faith, belief, and a passion
that this is your calling in life you will be
swimming against the tide of success. Take my
advice and arm yourself with help from a higher

Have a Blessed and Prosperous Day,


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