Thursday, February 28, 2008

Is Internet Business Isolation a Problem?

Recently someone asked about how I deal with the
isolation of running an Internet business.

These are just some of the things that you can do to have
the human connection.

Here are some things to do to change this situation.

(1) Join the Chamber of Commerce, Business groups, and go
to the events of these groups.

(2) Build a team. As you business grows you will have a
team to partner with.

a. Outsource work to freelancers when you can.

b. Hire a manager to tell your freelancers what to do.

c. Have weekly teleconferences

d. Also I have a ritual where whenever I get a good sale I go
out to eat and invite one of my freelancers if they are

d. This may seem like a long way off but your business may grow
faster than you anticipate

(3) Get a successful mentor.

a. All successful business people have mentors.
b. See if you can talk with them at least once a week.
c. See if your mentor runs a mastermind group and join

When I was younger this was a problem for me. Now I like
working alone to a certain extent.