Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Google Adsense Earnings Debacle

Many people are complaining about their decrease in Adsense Revenue.

My rankings have also gone up in the search engines. My traffic has gone up but my earnings have gone down 50%.

I have hundreds of pages of well written and edited content.

Google is probably keeping more profit to themselves now. But the real problem is we don't know. Every thing is cloaked in secrecy with Google.

Its one thing to keep their algorithms secret. Its another to keep our commissions a secret. How can you build a business progressively with a partner like Google when you don't even know how much they are paying you?

I started selling other things to make up for my Adsense revenue. I am thinking about dropping Adsense altogether.

If companies and individuals are using Ad Blockers the Adsense business model is going to die a slow death. This raises the question of whether 3rd party companies have the right to strip out our content.

What will be next ebook and software graphic blockers?