Thursday, May 08, 2008

7 Places to Get Web Traffic -- (1) SEO

In this series we have talked about the best places to get web traffic. We mentioned the number one way to get web traffic is on the search engines. We mentioned different forms of Search Engine Traffic and how you can choose between SEO, PPC, and learning it yourself.

Today I want to share a little more about SEO.

SEO stands for search engine optimization. It is a way of getting good rankings in Google in what's known as the organic results.

Organic results is just a fancy way of saying the regular site listings without bidding or paying for better visibility. These are the listings on the left hand side of the search engine result pages or SERPs and below the sponsored results on the top.

60% of web users first surf the organic results on the search engines before using the sponsored listings. Users feel many times that the organic result listings have more value because the search engines rank them according to relevance.

Most searchers don't feel advertisers are as useful to their searches and view them with caution. On the other hand organic search listings are many times seen as being reviewed by an objective 3rd party.

Many feel the search engines have reviewed the organic sites to get the most topical destinations for their searches. This of course isn't actually the case because search engines are primarily algorithm based but people feel Google gets them the best results.

This is why organic search visibility is important for your website to achieve. We will touch more upon this in a couple of days.

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Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Search Engines Gateway to the Internet

In a blog last week I talked about 7 effective
ways to increase your website traffic. I wanted
to talk about the first type today: search engine

Search engines could be understood as the gateway
to the Internet. In technologically developed
countries the Internet has reached market
penetration of about 50%.

So right away if you have a business that is on
the Internet but not getting search engine traffic
you are losing at losing at least 50% of potential

No business can survive losing 50% of its prospects.
This is why investing in getting search engine
traffic is so crucial. You can invest in getting
search engine traffic in 3 ways:

(1) Hire a search engine optimizer (SEO) expert

(2) Hire a Pay Per Click (PPC) consultant or ad agency

(3) Learn Search Engine Promotion Yourself

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I'll write later in the week.

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