Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Future Trends 2010 Web Marketing Webinar 3.0

Are You Ready to Jump Start Your Business Out of this Crappy Economy? The answer may not be in working harder.

You instead want to work smarter with Web 3.0 marketing technologies. Don't let the tough economy crash your dreams of being financially independent.

Given geo-targeting and worldwide social media technology capabilities small business has better opportunities now than ever before to reach their target customers. Dadpreneur Kamau Austin, will share new web technology secrets that have helped him rebound from serious health and personal challenges to be again at the top of his business game.

Don't be confused by all the negative media or media hype about gloom and economic doom. If you apply them you will benefit from revolutionary technologies that can position you on some of the fastest growing and most popular websites like Facebook, MySpace, YouTube, Google, Bing, Orkut, LinkedIn, Ning, and Blogger with local geo-targeting precision. Stay tuned and join our mailing list for the future webinar at Search Engine Plan

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