Saturday, November 21, 2009

Reason 2 to Attend Future Trends 4 Web Marketing 2010 Webinar: Develop a Digital Profile

In the past you had to be a techie or hire one to have a presence online. Geeks and techies tend to be less social.

However, the tide has turned and very social persons can now survive and thrive online. All it takes is some know how and the willingness to develop your diversified and dynamic digital profile.

Your digital profile comprises bits and bytes of digital media online which represents you, your business, or brand. Videos of your friends, family, and business activities is one form of digital profile.

Podcasts are also audio representations of your digital profile. Article marketing is a written or textual representation of your digital profile.

Your profile pages on sites like Facebook, MySpace, Imeem, LinkedIn, and myriad other sites are representations of your digital profile. Your website is another example of your digital profile.

But your website isn't enough to represent you online anymore. You need a diverse presence online to have a powerful digital profile.

The question becomes how can you manage such a large and diversified digital profile? That's a lesson for another day. For more on Digital Profiling Goto Future Trends 4 Web Marketing 2010

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