Monday, December 14, 2009

Search Biz Bytes ~ Mid December

Key: FYI (For Your Info); KTS (Kick the Science)

FYI - Google is on Target to do 20 Billion dollars in Sales this year. This is equal to the ad sales of NBC, ABC, CBS, & Fox combined.

It's Official - Future Trends 4 Web Marketing 2010 will be Dec. 16th 2009, 9PM EST. RSVP @: The Search Engine and Social Media Webinar.

Kick the Science ~ KTS . There are 6.7 Billion people in the world. Only 25% are Online. But there were 113 Billion searches in Sept. 09!

Kick the Science (KTS): Search engine usage increased over 50% last year. Google has the largest marketshare 63%. Youtube is now 2nd in SEs

KTS: 6.7 Billion people in the world. Only 25% of them Online. But in November there were 14.8 Billion videos watched online. Do You Video?

KTS ~ Youtube is the most popular video download source with about 7 Billion downl'ds a month. See more at:

FYI ~ Asia Has the Largest Internet Population Online at 738,257,230 out of 3.8 Billion people. So their market penetration is about 19.4% online.

KTS ~ North America (USA & Canada) have the largest percentage of people online at 74.2%. Next is Oceania/Australia at 60.4%. Europe is at 52%.

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