Monday, December 21, 2009

Search Engine and Web Marketing Stories from 12-21-09

Facebook is quickly becoming the most sticky social networking site. Stickiness is the ability for a website to keep visitors engaged on the site for an extended amount of time.

In marketing you have to go where the customers are. Now a lot of people are spending time on the social media sites. Of course the two most popular are Facebook and Twitter.

Social media can help a company brand itself, communicate well with its customers, do polls and customer relations and other things to expand your digital profile. This is why this week we will cover some interesting stories on Facebook and Twitter.

1. Here is a great article on Retweeting on Twitter

2. Using Facebook to find a job. Since businesses are using Facebook to do background research on job applicants many employment seekers are looking to flip the script.

Job seekers recently ran advertising research to see if they could grab the attention of potential employers. This is a very interesting development you should take a look at.

Facebook is going to have to become known for getting results for its advertisers. This is the case whether serving up personal employment ads or business ads to be a major media player. Check out this blog on using Facebook to advertise to employers.

3. The Open Source Database Program MySQL is at risk of being owned by Oracle. Check at the appeal of the MySQL creator here to keep MySQL out of their hands.

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