Saturday, October 10, 2009

Here is the Video - Why now is a great time for business.

Is this Crazy Economy Driving Your Business Local

Is there Opportunity for Your Business Despite the Depression/Recession?

Is there Opportunity for Your Business...
Despite the Deep-Recession? I feel too many parallels are being drawn between our period and the Great Recession. I don't think we do our ancestors justice to compare our time periods.

We have a lot of advantages our forebears didn't have. For instance the Internet gives us cheap access to International markets.

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On the other hand geo-targeting technology used by companies like Google, Yahoo!, and Facebook helps local businesses targets customers for free? eBay is like the world's largest employer of businesses. Never before could so many people get in the business game. Do you think now is a good time for your business?

Are You Utilizing Google Local for Your Local Business? If you answered no to these questions now is the time to do so.