Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Reason 2 to Attend Future Trends 4 Web Marketing 2010 Webinar: Plan to Succeed

We talked about strategy in our past posts. The strategy I suggested was developing a digital profile online.

As we stated having a digital profile was having a presence on digital media like:

(1) Your Website
(2) Blogs & RSS feeds
(3) eNewsletters
(4) Autoresponders
(5) Social Media Pages: FB, MySpace, LinkedIn, etc.
(6) YouTube Videos
(7) Podcasts
(8) Search Engines
(9) Article Distribution Sites
(10) Other Peoples Sites

But doing all this work takes planning. Or it can become overwhelming and time consuming.

You don't want all this work to eat into your time of running your core business. Therefore planning is key to running your operation. The axiom fail to plan is in fact planning to fail is especially true with Internet marketing.

Get on the inside track of planning your digital profile. Join us December 9th for Future Trends 4 Web Marketing 2010 and learn advanced search engine & social media promotion