Friday, January 08, 2010

Twitter Purges Spammers and Users Lose Followers Big Time

Last week many regular users of Twitter saw their Follower numbers plummet as the social networking site purged its services of people it considered spammers. This has been reported as a big clean up of accounts which are considered to be spammy by the popular web 2.0 service.

I personally lost about 100 followers yesterday and was looking around at my tweets trying to figure out if I had written something that alienated my followers. I am relieved to find out that it wasn't something I did but a clean up of people abusing the system.

It seems some people use automated systems to become your follower so they can send you spam. I am more of a Facebook person and am still working myself up to speed on Twitter. Therefore, I don't have a real profound opinion on the topic. But in reading peoples reactions this seems to be something a lot of Twitter followers agree with.

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