Friday, January 29, 2010

SEO and Social Media Synergy Part 2

The reason web marketers have to seriously consider a synergistic relationship between search engine and social media promotion is because of web 3.0 evolution. There are 3 major developments that I can think of off the top of my head that make this move paramount.

The 3 primary reasons search engines and social media are becoming concurrent concerns are:
  1. The development of personal search
  2. The stickiness of social media sites
  3. Continued Effectiveness of both Local and Global Search

Personal search is the ability of Google and other search engines to use IP addresses, cookies, and membership database information from services like iGoogle and gmail to create a digital profile of Internet users. It is incredible the amount of information Google has on individual users and even websites to personalize advertising directed at them.

If you have opened a gmail account you will notice that the text ads in the service are amazing topical to the email messages you send out. If you also have an iGoogle account the service tries to encourage you to input your search queries from within it and not launch searches from the Google home page. If you own websites Google tries to get you to use Google analytics.

Just think if you use these services Google has very personal information about conversations that you have with your friends or business associates via gmail. Plus it knows what kind of information you search for on the Internet.

Then if you have websites with Google Analytic tracking code it has a very good snap shot of your personality online. I feel this way because the websites you create reflect either your personal or business interests. Once they compile your searches, emails, and website content they have what I call a digital profile of you. This is because these key ingredients of course characterize important elements of your life.

This type of information certainly is a reflection of your personality. They are important parts of the make up your digital profile.

Everybody online is going to have a digital foot print or digital profile. I refer to this digital information about you as a digital profile because the information is so in depth and reflective of online users personalities to me the digital footprint analogy doesn't do this state of affairs justice.

Recently surfing to a web site I noticed the Google Adsense ads weren't matched too closely to the content of the website. But they were matched almost exactly to my personal interests. It was uncanny and scary at the same time.

We'll explore the the fuller implications of this and the other major factors in the case for search engine and social media synergy within a few days.