Friday, February 05, 2010

Search Engines and Social Media Part 3

The ability for Google to compile data on Internet users from their searches, IP addresses, emails, blogs, and websites is both brilliant and scary at the same time. They gather a digital profile of Internet users via services like iGoogle, ISPs, gmail, Blogger, and Google Analytics respectively as we explained.

The aggregate of all this information gives them a personal snap shot of your interests, concerns, and habits online. With this information they can serve up ads to you with deadly precision.

This is what we call personal search. More and more I am finding Google is showing me ads on sites not necessarily the theme of the site but the results are based on my personal tastes.

Google as been coercing me with link options to setup my blog a certain way (more recently on their servers) and inticing me to take free services like Google Analytics, gmail, Google docs, etc. to get data on my personal interests and habits. This is happening to 100s of millions of people world wide.

So let's face it Google is developing a digital profile on Internet users. So it will become increasingly important for people to shape and grow their digital profile on the Internet in a way that shapes their interests. We'll continue along this discussion soon.