Sunday, February 16, 2014

Kamau's eBiz Tips for Monetizing Your Website Once you have SEO and Social Media Traffic

All websites should serve at least 1 of 3 purposes: 1. make a sale; 2. collect an email address; 3. Be monetized by people clicking on its ads. ~

When building your email list always offer an ecourse, ezine, or ebook of real value. Use attractive graphics which imply richness & quality. ~

When building a website consider using a break out of frames script. Some sites web surfers visit try to brand themselves online by framing your site with their logo when people click away from their sites to your website. ~

Try to be as efficient & savvy as possible using server cache resources when building websites. Pull an often used graphic from 1 graphic source file to be used throughout your website.  ~

Web marketers & Business people online should SEE opportunities of scale. If you are reaching 100 web users a day & making 2 sales per 100 visitors then figure how to increase your sales conversion ratio as much as possible. Then learn how to drive 1000 site visitors to your website. ~

For your new websites try to use a Blog or (CMS) with rich interactive features like Word Press, Joomla, or ModX.

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