Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Before You Invest in an Internet Service Ask Around

Recently a very promising Internet Whizpreneur with a revolutionary technology complained he is having a problem with Godaddy. Let me put it in his own words...

"Godaddy's email marketing service sucks! Been in email hell for a week with no resolution! They are costing me thousands!"

He is launching a Crowd Funding campaign and raised $6,000 in his 1st day. So him not having a reliable email system is costing him thousands.

He goes on to state the problem is being addressed but "I just want to let other entrepreneurs to know to spend extra and use a real service like Constant Contact."

Folks before you go big time with your Internet business make sure you hire an Internet consultant who knows the ropes about Internet marketing.
Before you invest significant money into a Internet business or looking to create an online presence for your local business I would suggest talking with people who actually make money online and have built very large email databases of tens of thousands of people. It may seem like you're saving money but you are losing money. 

In regards to Godaddy why use it? I tell people if you have a real internet business you should not be on Godaddy.

GoDaddy is training wheels for Internet business. Don't go there you're gonna have problems in the future and support will be whenever they feel like getting around to you. SMH

In regards to his comment on Constant Contacts, it isn't great either. The reason is the platform doesn't have the ability to put the 1st names of your contacts in the subject line of the email.

Putting individualized First names in the Subject Line of the email will greatly increase the open rates for your emails. Plus Constant Contacts doesn't get past tough spam filters and will end up in trash bins or spam folders and cost you money too.

Again Constant Contacts have great marketing to get market share with ads just like Godaddy. But you'll learn they aren't very effective with delivery. Moreover, Constant Contacts is like training wheels for Internet business and email marketing. I don't know any very successful email marketer that uses Constant Contacts.

"Word to the Wise" - Before you invest in Internet marketing platforms for your website, blog, and email get some professional insight from people successful in online marketing.  And no that's not just your web designer.

Web designers are some of the worst people to ask Internet marketing advice because most are so enamored with Flash and creative graphics they aren't directly tuned into strategies that impact your bottomline.

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