Tuesday, July 15, 2014

How to Get Google to Promote Your Local Business

Most Search Engine Promotion Experts would agree Google favors brands. Therefore, rather than chase Google for local search engine listings position yourself so Google has to respond to your brand building efforts. What do I mean by that?

  Small businesses need to create brands on the local level using both traditional media and online media so people start searching for their brands.  Therefore, Google has to respond to their brand building efforts.

This is because Google doesn't really make content they more organize and facilitate our content building efforts. So if you create a strong local brand for your business it's in Google's interest to list you where they're users can find you.

We owners should try to establish a strong viable presence on social media directing people to their websites/blogs for more info.  Get listed also or featured on major media websites in the news by putting out press releases.  This can effectively be done with local media if you can create a good local human interest story.

When Google sees citations about your business and website on news media sites (even good local ones) this begins to build your brand with Google. Social media presence and people liking and linking to your website especially on Google related platforms and authority sites can only help your online branding efforts. If you need more help building an online brand contact me at Search Engine Plan

Bio: Search Engine Buzz is Published by DigiDadPreneur Kamau Austin. Kamau is a popular Blogger, Writer, and Internet Marketing Professional helping small businesses grow more profitable businesses online.

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