Thursday, September 03, 2015

Does Your Local Businesses Need Customers Fast?

If your business needs customers FAST one of the best ways to get them is with search engine marketing.  Whether you have a local focused business or national business getting customers searching for exactly what you offer in your company is the best way to target success.

I've been able to help my clients get a return of 5 dollars and more for every dollar they spend on search advertising and more.  Local businesses need to be prominently featured on search on mobile devices these days.

For more info on how search engines can get revenues and customers flowing your way contact me at 973-298-6148.

Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Why So Many Social Media & Search Campaigns Fail

A lot of people over the years have been using search engine promotion and social media marketing to get more business or build their organizations.  This makes good sense because search engines and social media sites have literally tens of billions of visits from your potential customers each month.  However, you can waste a lot of time doing this...

Why?  Because search engines like Google or social media sites like this one make money on advertising.  They can't afford to let you get free promotion on their dime.

So they create algorithms that limit your exposure on their platforms unless you advertise.  You can have 10,000 connections on social media but that doesn't mean you can make a fortune marketing to them.

The bottomline is search engines and social media platforms only let you reach a small fraction of people and your followers.  You only reach about 5% of your social media connections on a regular basis.

In short, you have to learn to play their game the smart way to make money or increase your business.  You need expert insight on advertising and marketing online to make any money.

I've been able to help some clients generate hundreds of thousands and even millions of dollars using search engine and social media promotion depending on the industry.

If you have a viable business idea checkout this web page and inbox me to see how we can get more revenue flowing your way.  Checkout my Search Engine Marketing Page by Clicking Here

Monday, June 08, 2015

Kamau's eBizTip Tips June 2015

Start with Google & Facebook Promotion

Start your online business ads with the major players like Google & Facebook not Yelp, or similar sites or apps.

Yelp,, & local sites/apps are calling local businesses trying to convince them to buy ads. But start your promotions  with Google

Google is the 1st Way to
 Get Exposure for your business 

For most businesses getting strong exposure on Google is a great way to draw customers looking exactly for what your company offers.

Why You Need a Mobile Version of Your Site

There are 63% of internet users using smartphones to surf online. Therefore your website needs a 
mobile version.

Email is Still Essential Online

It's all good to have a large social media following but in a way you're building someone else's business. You still have to build your own database of email followers to build your company online.

There's no excuse to keep avoiding getting started with free or trial versions of email programs like Constant Contacts and Mailchimp. (c) Kamau's eBizTips 2015

Blogs can be Powerful eCommerce Platforms for Dynamic Businesses

If your business runs promotions, sales, bargains, or can impart regular useful information to customers a blog can be "pimped out" to be a powerful ecommerce platform to sell your products or services.

Don't Let Hostile People Destroy Your Business

Unfortunately given our rueful history in the US and our tough competitive culture we have some very angry, combative, and hostile people in our communities. Some of these antisocial types are indeed our loved ones.

If you run a Black business (or any business) you can love a family member but don't let an antisocial person be in the forefront of your business. They will destroy your business. You can't have a person in front of your business giving attitude to your customers.

Eye rolling, teeth sucking, head jerking in front of customers will make them not come back. You want friendly gregarious people repping your business.

BTW family and loved ones won't usually act out in front of you. Send people to your business who they don't know to test their customer service.

If you get complaints on them but they are good workers or very helpful maybe move them to a back office capacity. Don't let hostile anti-social people destroy your business even if they are friends, family, or loved ones.

Even if you're a very emotional and easily upset person you might want to stay in the background and hire or contract a more amiable person to represent your company. Word to the wise not everyone is business friendly. (c) Kamau's eBizT!ps

Bio: Search Engine Buzz is Published by DadPreneur Kamau Austin. Kamau is a popular Blogger, Writer, and Internet Marketing Professional helping small businesses grow more profitable businesses online.

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Saturday, May 23, 2015

Discover the Secrets to Target Marketing and getting More Blacks to Support You in Business

Blacks Supported Historical Pic Selma to the
Tune of Over 52 million dollars
There is a school of thought I frequently see on social media and in public discourse before the Internet that Blacks don't support other Blacks in Business.  Usually the stat is cited that Blacks only support Black businesses to the tune of 7%.

Furthermore stats are alluded to that other ethnic groups recycle their money numerous times in their community but blacks only once.  An undercurrent to these stats is the psychographic chiding or analysis that Blacks are victims of self hate, have inter-ethnic group trust issues, or a crabs in the barrel mentality. 
This I think is unprofitable and negative thinking. 

I generally understand their points. I have some important caveats. I think as a Black business person you should 1st consider your obstacles to success as marketing problems not psychographic problems.

For instance I do marketing on social media and get very little Black people to give me business. But it is a marketing issue not a "blacks don't support blacks in business issue."

The people Black or white who acquire my services tend to be people with a net worth of 1 million dollars. So I know probably only 1/2 of 1% of the people on social media can afford or be willing to invest in my services.

99.5% of Black people don't support me in business. I could go on a tangent and chide people saying "Blacks don't support me in business." However, I've gotten Blacks to spend thousands of dollars with me without even meeting me in person. But I know this is a target marketing issue because my service only sells well to the top 5% in any ethnic group.

Also I once had an upscale trendy Afrocentric fashion retail business which was a 85% Black male supported. I thought Black females just weren't into supporting a brotha in business. I moved my boutique to a downtown Manhattan location.  There were a lot of professional sistas in my new location and guess what?

This flipped the script in my gender related sales. My clients went from 85% Black males to 85% Black females just by changing my location from mid-town Manhattan to downtown Manhattan. I thought it was a psychographic problem. However in really it was a traditional classic retail location, location, location, location marketing problem.

This is why I say before Black business owners cop a psychographic blacks are trust deficient attitude (to selling to us) they should look at their marketing 1st. I've had Blacks spend tens of thousands of dollars with me over the years each.

So this Idea that we won't do it just doesn't resonate with me. I say Black entrepreneurs really have to look at their marketing 1st before writing Blacks off as self hating consumers who won't support each other.

If Blacks want other Blacks to support them more in Business here are some suggestions:

1. Advertise in Black owned media - your business is more prone to be seen by Blacks who want to support other Blacks in business by being visible in Black owned media.

2. Do Press releases towards Black owned media - again Blacks who would be inclined to support other Blacks in business tend to also support Black media (trust me on this I know from personal experience).  Write stories about your business from a human interest 3rd party angle and share with various levels of Black media.

3. Try to get a mainstream presence - if you want to get top of mind consideration from Black consumers set up shop were they shop.  If Blacks in your area shop mostly in the mall see if you can set up shop in the mall.  Try to negotiate a small spot in a major outlet frequently shopped by Black consumers.  I've seen this strategy work a lot.

4. See what the major chains are doing right and wrong - for example have a nice looking clean store, treat customers very well.  Remember customers names and treat them in a nice friendly personal manner.  Major chains have more money than you probably but can't match your personal touch.

5. Have AMAZING Customer Service - if you promise a customer delivery Friday deliver Thursday a day in advance.  Give refunds or make up for deficient products by giving more in exchanges.  Go above and beyond what the national chains are willing to do.

6. Give back to the community - give to community causes (nonprofits, fundraisers for charter schools or independent schools, etc.) show community care and involvement.  Traditional businesses call this establishing good will.

7. Brand yourself clearly - have a nice logo created.  Decide what word you will own in the Black community's mind.  If you are a fashion house and want Blacks to think of your business as the creative place to shop make sure your logo speaks creative.  Make sure the atmosphere and layout in your shop is creative.  Make sure your products are creative.  In short own the word creative in their minds.

Actually the steps above will help any small or developing business regardless of color.  If you don't have enough Black customers or clients (or enough any color customers or clients) examine your marketing and business practices 1st.  It is easy to blame mental decencies of others on your lack of business success.  However, diverting focus away from what your marketing or business enhancements should be won't serve you well in the long run.

Remember Blacks have built companies worth hundreds of millions of dollars (and even billion dollar companies) marketing to Black consumers.  Companies like BET, Ebony, Essence, Black Enterprise, FUBU, Karl Kani, Cross Colors and others have been successful marketing to Black consumers. It can be done with effective marketing.


Bio: Search Engine Buzz is Published by DadPreneur Kamau Austin. Kamau is a popular Blogger, Writer, and Internet Marketing Professional helping small businesses grow more profitable businesses online.

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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Encouraging Case Studies on Client's Marketing Promotions.

Don't let the beautiful people I post fool you! I post pictures of beautiful people of color to digress and give respite from my business ventures and work. I feel the major media doesn't showcase our inner and outer beauty enough. So that's something I do it during the day.

However, primarily my business is to help small and developing business use Internet technology to improve their profits and increase their bottom line. Recently I had encouraging news from 3 of my business prospects that my efforts are helping them grow and are happy with my work on their behalf.

One of my clients is reporting increases in her outstanding soul food catering business. They provide catering to film and television crews, business events, celebrities, and church events, weddings, etc. The are reporting quite a spike in business and I see a lot of traffic in the site stats as well since I took over their online marketing.

Another client is the jazz business. When I 1st started working with them typically they'd only have 15 people show up for jazz events. Now usually all their events are sold out and we've increased their email list over 25%. Business has been increased significantly by sharping their email communications.

I have another in the recycling business that we are developing an awesome ecommerce platform for their brilliant products made from California driftwood and grapewood. The client is very happy he told me with the eCommerce site we are developing from the Google Blog platform that I am "pimping out for them."

I'm really good saving a business a lot of money "pimping out" the Google Blogger platform. If you wanna know more about how this can help your business check this out:
I thank these clients for their support. Without them I wouldn't be rising like the Phoenix.

Thank God for sending them my way? I can promote but God has to help communicate trust and rapport to help me get the business.

If you have a good product or service that sells well at a moderate price point and is desirable I may be able to help you. Don't let the Internet and eCommerce intimidate you.

Come on let's get MO profits and revenue online flowing your way. Who's Next?

Bio: Search Engine Buzz is Published by DadPreneur Kamau Austin. Kamau is a popular Blogger, Writer, and Internet Marketing Professional helping small businesses grow more profitable businesses online.

If you need web design, blogging, search engine or social media promotion call him at 973-298-6148 or contact him at Search Engine Plan 


Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Top Technology News May 15 2015

Unlock Your Cell Phone in a Blink of an Eye

 New eye scanning technology will be all the rage with new technology recently available from Fujitsu. Not only will you be able to unlock your cell phone or mobile device but the new technology will also be able to use retina scans for eCommerce and buying online.

Sorry girlfriends no more spying on your boyfriend sneaking peaks of his cell phone messages.

This is very promising technology without a real downside I see. LOL! Checkout the full article

Facebook to Allow Publishers to Post Content and Make Ad Revenue

Instant Publisher, a new product by the popular social networking company will allow publishers to publish their content or articles on the platform and insert their own ads on it too. This obviously is being done to increase engagement on Facebook with the potential to make it like a mini-internet on it's own.  The more people spend time on Facebook the more the social network will make money.

It will be interesting if publishers will want people to spend time reading their content on Facebook as opposed to their own websites.  It is notoriously difficult for people to get Facebook users to surf off the popular social network platform.
Checkout the Full Article

Bio: Search Engine Buzz is Published by DadPreneur Kamau Austin. Kamau is a popular Blogger, Writer, and Internet Marketing Professional helping small businesses grow more profitable businesses online.

If you need web design, blogging, search engine or social media promotion call him at 973-298-6148 or contact him at Search Engine Plan


Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Mobile eCommerce Continues to Thrive

According to a recent report by Ninth Decimal mobile ecommerce is driving a lot of street traffic into brick and mortar stores.  Keep in mind more people actually use mobile devices than PCs or desktops to surf the Internet today.

BizReport which wrote a synopsis article also went on to reveal from the research "That is the takeaway from a new Ninth Decimal report which finds most shoppers (70%) are trying new products/brands after seeing mobile ads for those products."

Therefore mobile marketing is becoming a powerhouse in marketing.  It isn't that people aren't using PCs anymore.  It is that people are using various options to use the Internet.

Mobile Internet usage surpasses PCs in 2014 

Small business owners therefore have to use both a mobile and traditional website presence to capture the attention of new users.  According to the respected marketing website BizReport take aways from the Ninth Decimal report are...

  • 70% of consumers tried a new CPG product/brand after seeing a mobile ad
  • 59% use mobile devices while grocery shopping
  • 56% of grocery shoppers using apps are Millennials
  • 69% use mobile devices to buy CPG products

Of course these are very impressive stats. But how can the average small businesses keep up with having a good marketing and sales presence online for both mobile devices and traditional browsing?  Also how can you market on PCs and desktops without spending a hell of a lot of money?

What I suggest is having a Blogger blog or Word Press Blog that automatically builds a mobile website for the blogger.  This will save a small business person a lot of both time and money to maintain both web presences.

A blog can be customized with pages to be just like a website. 

What is also great about it is they can be configured to have a mobile version that automatically updates whatever you post on the blog.  It is great to give you a marketing and sales presence on both PCs/Desktops and mobile devices so you can generate sales on both platforms.

Bio: Search Engine Buzz is Published by DadPreneur Kamau Austin. Kamau is a popular Blogger, Writer, and Internet Marketing Professional helping small businesses grow more profitable businesses online.

If you need web design, blogging, search engine or social media promotion call him at 973-298-6148 or contact him at Search Engine Plan 


Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Put Your Local Business on the Map with 7 Powerful Web Platforms!

If you have a local business you must have some type of visibility on Google maps. Today it is imperative to have a visible local presence on search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo!

This is important not just because search engines are very popular (1.17 Billion unique users per month search on Google)  but also they integrate well into mobile applications on a cell phone which list local businesses.  Also Google utilizes satellite technology which give maps and even street views globally of local neighborhoods  businesses.

Therefore, you local business needs a local presence on the search engines and social media sites.  While at 1st glance it may seem improbable to get a good search engine presence in your community against hundreds of local businesses it isn't as difficult as you may think.

It probably isn't as difficult as you think because many local business people in traditional "brick and mortar" businesses may not know how to setup a popular high visibility campaign on search engines and social media.  Also a local business person with a viable business probably doesn't have a lot of time to list and promote their local business.

Finally they may be familiar with the popularity of search engines and mobile devices, to some extent, but since their business is some what successful already they may not fully understand how impactful search engines can be to their business.  Here are 7 things you should do ASAP to put your local business on the Map.

1. Setup a Google Local Business Page AKA G+ - and create your G+ account.  This digital platform has changed names a number of times.  But that doesn't change the fact your business has to have as prominent a placement in the marketing platform as possible. Click here and just do it if you haven't done so already for your business.

2. List Your business on Bing Places for Business - Bing is Microsoft's search engine and although it will probably never catch up to Google in terms of popularity in nevertheless receives about 15% of search engine traffic.  Remember 15% increases in your search traffic can mean the difference between profit and losses.  So to sign up for Bing Places for business click here 

3. List your local business on Yahoo! - Yahoo is aggressively trying to make a statement in the search engine place.  They are anxious to list your business.  Even if you only get 10% of your search engine traffic it may be worth it. Yahoo charges $29.99 a month now. If you're willing to pay that amount click here 

4. Post to local Facebook groups - Facebook has countless groups for neighborhoods all over the world.  You should search on Facebook and find groups in your area and post about your business to those local groups.  Some of the groups may have hundreds, thousands, or even tens of thousands of residents of your local area.

Even better write informative articles to help people in your community which your business addresses with benefits with a link to your website.  You may eventually let thousands of people in your area know about your local business if you are consistent promoting on Facebook groups.

5. Setup an Account on - Another nice site many people should list their business is  You can list your business for free on their site with an anchor text link and get a little "Google juice".  If you aren't familiar with the importance of anchor text and getting links from other local sites contact me me at 973-298-6148 or visit my site Search Engine to Reach me

6. Create a business profile on Storeboard - A great site for small local businesses listings also is .  You can post about business on this local neighborhood themed website and also receive some "Google Juice!" You should list your business in their classified section especially if you are a business to business type company.

7. List your business on Craigslist - is still a good place to let people know about your local business although they are stingy with letting you put links to your website these days.  In your ads or local listings indicate that people should "google your business."  To look for your locality on Craigslist click here

Finally if you don't want people doing a Google satellite view of your home based business invest in a virtual address (not P.O. Boxes because Google and other search engine don't accept them for local business listings).  For example a good place you may want to look into a virtual address is like Mail Boxes Inc.

Although there are many more great hyper local sites to list your local business creating a digital presence on the above web platforms will get you on your way to putting your local business on the map!

Bio: Search Engine Buzz is Published by DadPreneur Kamau Austin. Kamau is a popular Blogger, Writer, and Internet Marketing Professional helping small businesses grow more profitable businesses online.

If you need web design, blogging, search engine or social media promotion call him at 973-298-6148 or contact him at Search Engine Plan