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Discover the Secrets to Target Marketing and getting More Blacks to Support You in Business

Blacks Supported Historical Pic Selma to the
Tune of Over 52 million dollars
There is a school of thought I frequently see on social media and in public discourse before the Internet that Blacks don't support other Blacks in Business.  Usually the stat is cited that Blacks only support Black businesses to the tune of 7%.

Furthermore stats are alluded to that other ethnic groups recycle their money numerous times in their community but blacks only once.  An undercurrent to these stats is the psychographic chiding or analysis that Blacks are victims of self hate, have inter-ethnic group trust issues, or a crabs in the barrel mentality. 
This I think is unprofitable and negative thinking. 

I generally understand their points. I have some important caveats. I think as a Black business person you should 1st consider your obstacles to success as marketing problems not psychographic problems.

For instance I do marketing on social media and get very little Black people to give me business. But it is a marketing issue not a "blacks don't support blacks in business issue."

The people Black or white who acquire my services tend to be people with a net worth of 1 million dollars. So I know probably only 1/2 of 1% of the people on social media can afford or be willing to invest in my services.

99.5% of Black people don't support me in business. I could go on a tangent and chide people saying "Blacks don't support me in business." However, I've gotten Blacks to spend thousands of dollars with me without even meeting me in person. But I know this is a target marketing issue because my service only sells well to the top 5% in any ethnic group.

Also I once had an upscale trendy Afrocentric fashion retail business which was a 85% Black male supported. I thought Black females just weren't into supporting a brotha in business. I moved my boutique to a downtown Manhattan location.  There were a lot of professional sistas in my new location and guess what?

This flipped the script in my gender related sales. My clients went from 85% Black males to 85% Black females just by changing my location from mid-town Manhattan to downtown Manhattan. I thought it was a psychographic problem. However in really it was a traditional classic retail location, location, location, location marketing problem.

This is why I say before Black business owners cop a psychographic blacks are trust deficient attitude (to selling to us) they should look at their marketing 1st. I've had Blacks spend tens of thousands of dollars with me over the years each.

So this Idea that we won't do it just doesn't resonate with me. I say Black entrepreneurs really have to look at their marketing 1st before writing Blacks off as self hating consumers who won't support each other.

If Blacks want other Blacks to support them more in Business here are some suggestions:

1. Advertise in Black owned media - your business is more prone to be seen by Blacks who want to support other Blacks in business by being visible in Black owned media.

2. Do Press releases towards Black owned media - again Blacks who would be inclined to support other Blacks in business tend to also support Black media (trust me on this I know from personal experience).  Write stories about your business from a human interest 3rd party angle and share with various levels of Black media.

3. Try to get a mainstream presence - if you want to get top of mind consideration from Black consumers set up shop were they shop.  If Blacks in your area shop mostly in the mall see if you can set up shop in the mall.  Try to negotiate a small spot in a major outlet frequently shopped by Black consumers.  I've seen this strategy work a lot.

4. See what the major chains are doing right and wrong - for example have a nice looking clean store, treat customers very well.  Remember customers names and treat them in a nice friendly personal manner.  Major chains have more money than you probably but can't match your personal touch.

5. Have AMAZING Customer Service - if you promise a customer delivery Friday deliver Thursday a day in advance.  Give refunds or make up for deficient products by giving more in exchanges.  Go above and beyond what the national chains are willing to do.

6. Give back to the community - give to community causes (nonprofits, fundraisers for charter schools or independent schools, etc.) show community care and involvement.  Traditional businesses call this establishing good will.

7. Brand yourself clearly - have a nice logo created.  Decide what word you will own in the Black community's mind.  If you are a fashion house and want Blacks to think of your business as the creative place to shop make sure your logo speaks creative.  Make sure the atmosphere and layout in your shop is creative.  Make sure your products are creative.  In short own the word creative in their minds.

Actually the steps above will help any small or developing business regardless of color.  If you don't have enough Black customers or clients (or enough any color customers or clients) examine your marketing and business practices 1st.  It is easy to blame mental decencies of others on your lack of business success.  However, diverting focus away from what your marketing or business enhancements should be won't serve you well in the long run.

Remember Blacks have built companies worth hundreds of millions of dollars (and even billion dollar companies) marketing to Black consumers.  Companies like BET, Ebony, Essence, Black Enterprise, FUBU, Karl Kani, Cross Colors and others have been successful marketing to Black consumers. It can be done with effective marketing.


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