Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Top Technology News May 15 2015

Unlock Your Cell Phone in a Blink of an Eye

 New eye scanning technology will be all the rage with new technology recently available from Fujitsu. Not only will you be able to unlock your cell phone or mobile device but the new technology will also be able to use retina scans for eCommerce and buying online.

Sorry girlfriends no more spying on your boyfriend sneaking peaks of his cell phone messages.

This is very promising technology without a real downside I see. LOL! Checkout the full article

Facebook to Allow Publishers to Post Content and Make Ad Revenue

Instant Publisher, a new product by the popular social networking company will allow publishers to publish their content or articles on the platform and insert their own ads on it too. This obviously is being done to increase engagement on Facebook with the potential to make it like a mini-internet on it's own.  The more people spend time on Facebook the more the social network will make money.

It will be interesting if publishers will want people to spend time reading their content on Facebook as opposed to their own websites.  It is notoriously difficult for people to get Facebook users to surf off the popular social network platform.
Checkout the Full Article

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