Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Mobile eCommerce Continues to Thrive

According to a recent report by Ninth Decimal mobile ecommerce is driving a lot of street traffic into brick and mortar stores.  Keep in mind more people actually use mobile devices than PCs or desktops to surf the Internet today.

BizReport which wrote a synopsis article also went on to reveal from the research "That is the takeaway from a new Ninth Decimal report which finds most shoppers (70%) are trying new products/brands after seeing mobile ads for those products."

Therefore mobile marketing is becoming a powerhouse in marketing.  It isn't that people aren't using PCs anymore.  It is that people are using various options to use the Internet.

Mobile Internet usage surpasses PCs in 2014 

Small business owners therefore have to use both a mobile and traditional website presence to capture the attention of new users.  According to the respected marketing website BizReport take aways from the Ninth Decimal report are...

  • 70% of consumers tried a new CPG product/brand after seeing a mobile ad
  • 59% use mobile devices while grocery shopping
  • 56% of grocery shoppers using apps are Millennials
  • 69% use mobile devices to buy CPG products

Of course these are very impressive stats. But how can the average small businesses keep up with having a good marketing and sales presence online for both mobile devices and traditional browsing?  Also how can you market on PCs and desktops without spending a hell of a lot of money?

What I suggest is having a Blogger blog or Word Press Blog that automatically builds a mobile website for the blogger.  This will save a small business person a lot of both time and money to maintain both web presences.

A blog can be customized with pages to be just like a website. 

What is also great about it is they can be configured to have a mobile version that automatically updates whatever you post on the blog.  It is great to give you a marketing and sales presence on both PCs/Desktops and mobile devices so you can generate sales on both platforms.

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