Monday, June 08, 2015

Kamau's eBizTip Tips June 2015

Start with Google & Facebook Promotion

Start your online business ads with the major players like Google & Facebook not Yelp, or similar sites or apps.

Yelp,, & local sites/apps are calling local businesses trying to convince them to buy ads. But start your promotions  with Google

Google is the 1st Way to
 Get Exposure for your business 

For most businesses getting strong exposure on Google is a great way to draw customers looking exactly for what your company offers.

Why You Need a Mobile Version of Your Site

There are 63% of internet users using smartphones to surf online. Therefore your website needs a 
mobile version.

Email is Still Essential Online

It's all good to have a large social media following but in a way you're building someone else's business. You still have to build your own database of email followers to build your company online.

There's no excuse to keep avoiding getting started with free or trial versions of email programs like Constant Contacts and Mailchimp. (c) Kamau's eBizTips 2015

Blogs can be Powerful eCommerce Platforms for Dynamic Businesses

If your business runs promotions, sales, bargains, or can impart regular useful information to customers a blog can be "pimped out" to be a powerful ecommerce platform to sell your products or services.

Don't Let Hostile People Destroy Your Business

Unfortunately given our rueful history in the US and our tough competitive culture we have some very angry, combative, and hostile people in our communities. Some of these antisocial types are indeed our loved ones.

If you run a Black business (or any business) you can love a family member but don't let an antisocial person be in the forefront of your business. They will destroy your business. You can't have a person in front of your business giving attitude to your customers.

Eye rolling, teeth sucking, head jerking in front of customers will make them not come back. You want friendly gregarious people repping your business.

BTW family and loved ones won't usually act out in front of you. Send people to your business who they don't know to test their customer service.

If you get complaints on them but they are good workers or very helpful maybe move them to a back office capacity. Don't let hostile anti-social people destroy your business even if they are friends, family, or loved ones.

Even if you're a very emotional and easily upset person you might want to stay in the background and hire or contract a more amiable person to represent your company. Word to the wise not everyone is business friendly. (c) Kamau's eBizT!ps

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