Thursday, September 03, 2015

Does Your Local Businesses Need Customers Fast?

If your business needs customers FAST one of the best ways to get them is with search engine marketing.  Whether you have a local focused business or national business getting customers searching for exactly what you offer in your company is the best way to target success.

I've been able to help my clients get a return of 5 dollars and more for every dollar they spend on search advertising and more.  Local businesses need to be prominently featured on search on mobile devices these days.

For more info on how search engines can get revenues and customers flowing your way contact me at 973-298-6148.

Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Why So Many Social Media & Search Campaigns Fail

A lot of people over the years have been using search engine promotion and social media marketing to get more business or build their organizations.  This makes good sense because search engines and social media sites have literally tens of billions of visits from your potential customers each month.  However, you can waste a lot of time doing this...

Why?  Because search engines like Google or social media sites like this one make money on advertising.  They can't afford to let you get free promotion on their dime.

So they create algorithms that limit your exposure on their platforms unless you advertise.  You can have 10,000 connections on social media but that doesn't mean you can make a fortune marketing to them.

The bottomline is search engines and social media platforms only let you reach a small fraction of people and your followers.  You only reach about 5% of your social media connections on a regular basis.

In short, you have to learn to play their game the smart way to make money or increase your business.  You need expert insight on advertising and marketing online to make any money.

I've been able to help some clients generate hundreds of thousands and even millions of dollars using search engine and social media promotion depending on the industry.

If you have a viable business idea checkout this web page and inbox me to see how we can get more revenue flowing your way.  Checkout my Search Engine Marketing Page by Clicking Here