Friday, December 16, 2016

How Good PR can Boost Your Google Marketing Promotion

Theoretically speaking for Google to dominate their core business, search engine results, they need to serve up the most relevant search results in the online world.  Do they always serve up the best results?  That is debatable.

But what isn't debatable is their dominance in the search engine industry.  I think most objective people would agree they do a good enough job to be the market leader with nearly a 80% market share in the search engine industry.  

As the market leader in search engine industry increasingly the big G is favoring established name brand companies.  As a major brand itself Google nationally gravitates and trusts established brands.

Therefore, what is a startup or local business to do to survive and thrive online?  Brand or die my entrepreneurial friends!  Brand or die - especially when it comes to the organic search engine results.

But how does a startup or emerging business with a limited budget compete with established brands for critical top listing or ranking real estate on Google's search results? To compete with national brands for positioning on Google seems daunting.

But all is not lost!  A developing online presence can get brand like status by developing visibility with the major media.  By getting the major media to talk about your business and feature it on a major media website can really raise your company's image and brand awareness.

Your company could do this with press releases with reputable PR sites and publicists. Over the years I obtained major media exposure with media sources like Fortune Small Business Magazine, CNN, Black Enterprise, and countless newspapers throughout the country.  

Also if you want to get a Google ad and SEO boost invest in PR promotion services with companies like and  Investing in these PR services can get news stories written about you on large or influential web and print publications.

For instance for only $150 will distribute your press release to all the African-American newspapers, magazines, television stations, radio stations, and news-related web sites. You can also send up to one photo at no additional charge!  For an additional $100, they will feature your press release as an article on and in their weekly newsletter which reachs over 250,000 monthly site visitors. Plus, they'll search-engine optimize it for Google/Yahoo/Bing, and share it with our 650,000+ Facebook fans and Twitter followers.  This is a great value to get media attention.

This is a tremendous amount of media exposure to get for only $250 combined that could really help to establish a brand for a developing business. 

Furthermore, Google now allows you to link to your PR stories or news stories from legitimate 3rd parties with their Google Adwords ad extensions. Once news stories are written about you then you can configure links to the news stories in your Google Adwords extension controls in the Adwords interface.  You can do it or have your ad agency or consultant configure them for your company.   If you don't have one always feel free to give me a call.

Then you will have more impressive ads on Google with links to the stories on online newspapers and magazines.
  Google loves the linking to reliable 3rd party news sites. These stories on major media sites will also help with SEO (search engine optimization) by giving you highly regarded links to your site increasing your Google ranking, authority, or juice.  Higher Google SEO listings will eventually translate into higher volumes of visitors and potential customers to your websites. 

I don't work for PRWeb or I'm just a satisfied customer who over the years received hundreds of newspapers and radio stations to do articles or interviews with me. PR sites like and along with informed Google advertising and SEO is a powerful promotional remix and reboot for your business!

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