Friday, December 09, 2016

How to Build a Global Business without Employees

These are exciting times in business!  It is a great time to expand your business across national borders.

The Internet and ubiquitous digital technology with PC, MACs, mobile devices and cell phones gives entrepreneurs possibilities to expand like never before.  A startup or local business can expand globally without the high expenses of hiring employees.

I've never had employees in business. However, I've had 11 people working with me all over the US and world in places like India, Africa, and Eastern Europe doing tech work for my company.

They were all contractors and things worked smoothly. I had a manager with a software architect background with Fortune 50 companies and she was a contractor too. My labor costs were 1/10th of what it would of been to have a team of 11 people employed by me.

The Internet makes it possible to run a global business without all the costs and hassles of most traditional businesses. More people should consider this option.

An entrepreneurial person can run an Internet based business outsourcing a lot of things for a very little amount. You'd be surprised. If I had to hire people the traditional way 11 people would have cost me 1 million dollars to employ.

I could do 11 people outsourcing for 100K or less. I keep customers longer, can step away from the business, and there are a lot of safeguards with this type of contracting. For instance I could contract work with a company like Rent-a-Coder which collects the money and makes sure the contractor delivers the service.

And of course I would only hire contractors with a 90% high rating on the service. So the contracting services did a lot of vetting people I could outsource too. This saved me a lot of money or time outsourcing to people who couldn't deliver.

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