Monday, August 15, 2016

Why Fancy Animated Websites can Hinder Your Business

As a creative person who would love to dabble into animated 3D websites I understand the fascination with animation, video, and intense graphics. Believe me I love high tech bells and whistles.

Many of us are drawn to attractive and stimulating websites embedded with cool 3D graphics, attractive animation, rich video, and nice pictures.  I wish the web allowed for more of these attractive and immersive environments.  However whenever the web gets advanced enough speed or bandwidth wish for these types of site enhancements some counter tech movement tends to move us in the other direction.

While cable companies offer very fast Internet connections these days what slows it down is mobile access.  These days a great number of people surfing the Internet are doing so on mobile devices.  The download speeds on mobile devices isn't super fast by a long shot given remote wireless access even on "4G" networks.  Also people using a mobile devices have smaller screens and therefore may not have the patience on a slower mobile connection to look at animation.

However, I constantly see new website owners with animated intense websites which will not perform well on mobile devices.  Sure the sites look cool but how many of your potential customers will abandon you site on a mobile device?  In these days and times people need a mobile version of their websites to be competitive.

Furthermore websites which use a lot of animation like Flash and Silverlight are using plugins to browsers.  Therefore the technology of these 3rd party plugins aren't are very conducive to being read by the search engine and social media web crawling bot or web spiders which thrive on text on web destinations.  So if you overuse these plug-ins you won't have important information for Google and Facebook to give previews of the content of your site.

Be very careful before using a lot of Flash and Silverlight plug-ins on your site.  Unless you are in a media like film, television, of video avoid using lots of these technologies.

I've noticed in many of my locally based clients that 80% and even 90% of their website visitors are from mobile devices.  You have to keep this in mind when doing digital promotion even on a local level.
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