Tuesday, November 01, 2016

Is Internet Business a Viable Career Option to College?

I saw an interesting discussion online about whether college is necessary to be successful today.  I think a college education is a wonderful tool to help secure and advance one's career. 

However, I also  think people have to realize sometimes to be successful you have to break out of the college degree mold. Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, and Mark Zuckerberg were all college dropouts as was Richard Parsons.  Parsons was the former CEO of AOL Time Warner, who is a Black business leader who dropped out of college but was able to take an unconventional route to becoming a lawyer in NYC.  Actually there are a number of other college dropouts running very successful Internet firms.

I think college is great in many respects. However, sometimes to succeed and take opportunities you have to think outside the college box. For instance when the Internet 1st started there were no college programs on how to do business on the Internet for years.

I had to self learn everything. HTML, digital arts, email marketing, and a myriad of skills I had to take the online courses. Search engine marketing was totally new and there was no formal education on it. It had to be learned studying online gurus and experimenting in real time.

Today they have colleges that teach this stuff however the online technology stuff is so dynamic usually by the time it is standardized in college courses the info is obsolete. I think this is a field that a person has to become a someone willing to constantly study on YouTube and other vast but fast learning/information platforms.

The amount of information on YouTube for learning is unbelievable. A person could literally, if they knew what to look for, go on YouTube and learn skills that would make them invaluable to businesses and companies and a high earner if they are willing to do the self study.

I have clients who are millionaires or have masters degrees who I can't get to blog regularly they are techo-phobic or anxious about it. On the other hand, I have a daughter on the autism spectrum who researches, writes, blogs, and embeds video into HTML and is developing her own following of thousands of people with over 300 Blog posts.

These days there is tremendous opportunity for people who are willing to learn outside the box. College I think you alluded to is becoming a new standard form of education. Sought of like high school used to be.

People will need college to work in Burger King one day. However, if someone wants to learn a cutting edge skill that can help them make money and have financial independence they should seriously consider becoming an Internet informed self taught person.  It can be another viable option for their success.

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