Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Can Your Local Business Survive without Search Marketing?

Can Your Local Business Survive without search engine and other forms of Internet Marketing?  Probably not or if it does it will more than likely limp along.  Let me share some real life examples.

I have a client who is a pizzeria owner who owns two pizza shops in NYC. People obviously want hot pizza.  6 million people search Google a month for pizza just in NYC.

That's right 6 million a month! In my immediate area subset of NYC a 4 mile square area 100,000 searches for pizza are done a month. They order it online or use their cell phones to call. 90% of my client's visitors to their website that I designed for them is on cell phones.

My client gets 250 to 300 (three hundred) delivery orders a day for pizza and burgers at about $15 average order that's $4,500 a day or 1,620,000 a year delivering pizza generated by their website largely on cell phones, Grub Hub, website, etc between their 2 neighborhood pizzerias. That's just deliveries not people who come to the restaurants and many times we can track them on Google maps.

And this is a neighborhood pizzeria. Can you imagine the business Pizza Hut, Little Ceaser, and national chains with billion dollar national ad budgets are doing?

I can give larger numbers for my real estate clients in apartment rentals, selling properties, or vacation rentals are doing. They are doing tremendous amounts of business almost exclusively online.

Maybe this is one of the reasons we don't have much more viable small, startup, and even Black businesses. They are not harnessing digital marketing technology. Real Estate is the largest industry in NYC and it is largely driven by digital technology i.e. virtual tours, real estate visual platforms like Trulia, Zillow, MLS, etc.

Most businesses today cannot survive without a search engine and web marketing presence. Retail at only 7% may be one of the most lackluster industries for Internet marketing.

But most other industries like, contracting, home improvement, vocal coaching, real estate, and countless others all have large amounts of people do their research 1st online. I know I have clients in these industries I constantly have to see the numbers.

Even People may go into a car dealership to buy a car but they do the initial research online.
Since local businesses need an effective search engine and web marketing program let me also mention a timely subject of net neutrality.  Net neutrality will create a multitiered delivery of Internet content favoring large corporations with deeper pockets.

Therefore business legislation against net neutrality may work against small and local businesses.  Net Neutrality may be axed by the incoming Trump organization.

Axing net neutrality will be a tremendous blow to small business and that's why President Obama's administration tried to keep in in place.  If you are a local business it is also important to follow legislation that could impact your chances to thrive like net neutrality.  In these mobile and digital times a search engine and Internet marketing program is essential to surviving and thriving in most businesses.

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