Monday, March 20, 2017

Use Search To Find Prospective Customers on Their Cell Phones

We've literally become attached to the hip with our indispensible cell phones.  These cell phones organize our essential contacts, schedule us, give us directions, wake us up, connect us to conversations with loved ones and associates, and broadcast our daily lives to the world. Our cell phones and mobile devices are the epicenter to a myriad of tools we use to enhance our lives.

Also inadvertently to a large extent our cell phones have become a sales center to our desires, needs, and indulgences.  Cell phones today have the computing power of PCs a few years ago.

Concurrently, search engine and cellphone technology have become integral parts of our lives.  These convergent technologies help us explore new aspects of our lives as well as helping us connect with loved ones, business associates, and new opportunities like infinite information and insights.

Cell phones have become indispensable and to some users almost inseparable digital assistants with a countless array of apps to enhance people's lives.  Therefore, having a functionable and usable presence on a person's cellphone is valuable digital real estate on mobile digital devices like cellphones, tablets, and other mobile devices.

Google has made sure its search technology is well integrated into cellphone technology.  It has obviously spent a great deal of time and innovative prowess giving the highly personal tool the cellphone a very personalized search function.

Some of my clients in local businesses get over 80% or more of their calls from cellphones and mobile devices from Google.  So much so that Google is designing their search engine platform for cell phones 1st.

Also once a customer or client gets your phone number in their web page cache or contact app you have valuable real estate on their cell phones one of the most personal tools to your customers and clients.  Having a mobile and search engine strategy is critical to the success of your business.

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