Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Your Personal Shortcomings Aside You Need Customers to Survive in Business

It is nice to listen to business coaches and consultants who teach you about overcoming your fears, procrastination, or sabotaging beliefs etc. That's all good but the bottom-line is in order to have a successful business you need customers and clients to survive.

Over 80% of business fail within a few years. While many business consultants and coaches will tell you about your personal shortcomings or unproductive mental state or some metaphysics stalling your business success, the reality is you have to have a viable product or service and a sizeable market or you will fail.

Conversely I've seen a number of business people who have personal short comings, some in abundance, and have successful businesses. That's because they understand their market and know how to corner it or capture the market. Overcoming your personal idiosyncrasies is great but you need good marketing to grow a business.

If you don't believe me notice how various ethnic groups can come into your community and treat you like a suspect when you shop but they stay in business. Aw huh. Think about it they too often treat you like crap but they have a booming business.

That's because they have you as a captive market and you almost have to buy from them. They have a strong marketing position on you is my point.

Most businesses invest between 5% to 20% of their ongoing revenues on marketing including advertising. One of the fastest customer and client acquisition forms of advertising I've seen work effectively in a short time frame is Google Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising. I've seen some of my clients double their business within a few months with Google PPC advertising.

In fact, I've gone to a client's business and activated their Google PPC ads and seen a barrage of calls start coming in at such a high rate the client and his staff couldn't even handle the phone calls! All just within a couple of minutes of me activating their ads.

This is why I try to get businesses in my community to use Google PPC to grow their businesses much faster. Sure you can grow your businesses eventually through word of mouth and free social media postings. If you have 5 years or more to get decent business knock yourself out.

Good luck on that. But those who are serious about growing their business as quickly as possible think again.

If you want to really boost your business quickly consider PPC advertising. Not only is a mind a terrible thing to waste but so is time.

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