Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Google Adwords Brings a New Revenue Stream to a Local Business

Thank God, I can work in a business where increasingly I can make a difference in my community with business and economic development. Maybe I'm crazy but I feel business development in our community is essential to improving our quality of life, property values, and recycling money, to strengthen the overall areas where we live.

It was nice to see how one of my clients recently, has been able to draw a lot of new business in the NYC pest control sector. My client Rodent Killers (RK), like a lot of traditional businesses, was skeptical about search engine advertising and digital marketing.

They advertised in the Yellow Book, Bluebook, etc. But the response was slow and nominal. So when I spoke to them about Google advertising they weren't familiar with search engine advertising. In short, they were very hesitant.

However, most of the online world, including people using computers, tablets, and increasingly smart phones search Google 1st for information, products, and services. Google gets 100 billion searches a month or 1.2 trillion a year. So these days you have to have a presence on Google to survive and a stronger presence to thrive.

We developed an ad campaign on Google that we refined over time. I just spoke to him last night and he is landing some new accounts in the Midtown Manhattan and village area in NYC that he wouldn't have reached without advertising. It feels so good to bring a new revenue stream to a neighborhood businesses.

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