Tuesday, May 09, 2017

How Effective is Social Media for Restaurants?

I saw a social media contact with a large business following asking for social media marketers to help restaurant entrepreneurs. I commented after thinking to myself - social media for restaurants? Really?

Why not Google Adwords?  That's what I've had the best success for restaurants.  Social Media is disruptive advertising in that you have to grab people's attention and redirect them.

Why search for customers - when you can have your customer's search for you?  For instance a business owner with two pizzerias in Southeast Queens, NYC, was getting 100 deliveries a day at both his pizzerias.

I did search engine research and found out 70,000 people a month were searching for pizza delivery in his area.  I set him up with Google Adwords and within 2 years he is now averaging 250 deliveries a day in both restaurants or 500 deliveries a day total.  His average delivery is $15.  So he does about $7,500 a day in pizza deliveries.

We were able to increase his yearly sales over 1.3 million dollars in about 2 years.  And he has neighborhood pizzerias not a franchise in a national chain.

Also Grub Hub does a huge business for restaurants.  That's where the action is search marketing for restaurants.

I have over 12,000 contacts in social media and no way they have the revenue generation of people looking for specific products like a search engine.  People on social media mostly argue about hot topics or communicate with friends.

Social media is mostly branding and customer service.  Restaurants should 1st have a strong search engine plan in place for promotion and marketing.

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