Tuesday, June 20, 2017

The Hair Raising Story of Internet Marketing

If you're in an industry where the business owners don't traditionally use digital advertising or promotion (like search engines and social media) you should considering becoming a pioneer and doing it. You could actually corner the market on a local or niche industry that way.

For instance recently I approached upscale hair salons in my area, which of course usually survive on word of mouth and referrals. Salons in our community almost have a captive market because most people have to have their hair cut or styled.

Therefore, most of the business owners weren't open to it. They feel they don't need it. If fact some got down right nasty towards me for even suggesting the idea.

One diatribe I got, from an outspoken owner, I'll never forget actually yelled at me "these kids don't search on Google, they stay on Instagram all day!" I knew he didn't have a clue because yeah young people like Instagram, but when they need to find something they still are looking to search on Google. Most of us do.

I also did some search engine research in my Google Adwords account, and found out that 10,000 people a month, in the area, were searching for hair salons and beauty supply stores.  I knew there was untapped demand to know where to get services related to hair services and products in the community.

I finally was able to get one married couple, who were salon owners, to give me a try because I had built up rapport doing articles on his hair and beauty boutique for my news blog. I built a Google My Business Page, and brochure blog to showcase their products.

Within the first day the client told me the phone was ringing off the hook. They told me they came in and there were like 130 calls on voice mail. I checked their Google Stats and sure enough about 400 potential customers visited their Google My Business Page and blog in one day.

Ya know why? Because none of the other salon owners in the area gave modern digital marketing a chance.

Please, I urge you, if you are in a traditional word of mouth business do yourself a favor and think outside the box. Incorporate online and mobile digital promotion.

It could take your business to another level fast! If you want to know how to optimize your business for search engine traffic using Google My Business inbox me on Facebook or...

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