Saturday, September 09, 2017

Test Your Mobile Site's Speed for Business Survival

If you have an online business, even a local one, you have to remember you need a mobile version of your site. It is crucial peeps because in many industries 80% of your visitors will be using mobile phones.

If you market on social media or search engines many people will be using mobile devices. It is critical to have a mobile strategy because Google, designs its search engine for a "mobile 1st" experience because most people surf the Internet on mobile devices.

The best way to accomplish this is to have a script which will redirect people on mobile devices to the mobile version of your website. I see people with these razzle dazzle websites that don't convert well into mobile screens or use technology that isn't mobile friendly.

If your website design doesn't have a mobile strategy in place today it is doomed for failure or you will be losing a lot of potential business. Google also makes the speed of websites downloading on mobile devices a part of their ranking algorithm.

In other words your website possibly won't get a high listing on Google without good mobile download speeds. Here is one of my blogs with a speed rating on the Google speed app. Notice it has an excellent download speed rating on Google.

This blog with a preview of 7 of our latest stories on the front page downloads within only 3 seconds on Google!

In other words, I could have state of the art razzle dazzle sites too but they usually don't perform in an efficient practical way on the search engines and on mobile devices. Be careful on having razzle dazzle animation and large graphics on your website's design.

If you need help on a mobile marketing strategy or design suggestions give me a call at 973-298-6148...

BTW a good way to assess if your website performs well is in using the Google App to test your site's download speed: Click Here

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