Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Sell More On The Internet

Selling On The Internet

Usually you can't just set up a web page and start successfully selling online. You need to create a sales funnel. In many instances you will need a way to get a good number of qualified or interested visitors to your website. Then in many instances you will need to try to get their email address and follow up with them.

It usually takes at least 6 views for people online to buy from you. An email automated follow up system can increase your sales.

Sure you can sell on other platforms like eBay and Shopify but still try to have your own web presence to sell from too. You never know when other web platforms will try to hike up their commission share and erode your profits. Don't listen to web gurus who tell you that you don't need a website or having one is passe.

If you only sell on other web platforms you have to listen to their rules. For instance Amazon sells a lot of books but they take a larger commission split than you do. You do all the writing, pay for editing, book design, publishing costs, and having the books printed and they get a bigger cut than you do.

It is hard to make money that way. If you need more information on creating a sales funnel hit me up 973-2986148.

Contact me and let's see if creative and innovative search engine and social media marketing can realistically out position your established, conservative, slow, and apprehensive techno resistant companies.

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