Wednesday, November 01, 2017

Protect Your Local Business

Did you know the local ad market is a 150 Billion dollar industry in the US? Exactly, I know it is a huge market.

Because of the size of the market there are companies trying hard to capture this market. They have legions of sales people selling ad campaigns to local businesses. Companies like Yelp!, Hubspot, Sign Post, and countless others will call you constantly trying to sell you ad programs.

Three things you may want to avoid:

1. Do not give them ownership of your Google My Business page;

2. Don't give them control of your database; and...

3. Don't sign long term contracts.

When you give them ownership of your Google My Business page you are giving them control of your presence on Google and it will be hell to get it back. Also when you give them control of your customer's database that's your business so they own you.

Also giving them long term contracts will give them legal and financial punitive damages over you if the ads aren't working and you try to pull out of it. I've seen bad things happen to my customers. If you want to know how to effectively advertise or market your business locally inbox me for a free consultation.

Contact me and let's see if creative and innovative search engine and social media marketing can realistically out position your established, conservative, slow, and apprehensive techno resistant companies.

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