Thursday, June 01, 2017

Don't Underestimate Your Small Business.

Just because you're a start up business in an industry with larger, better financed, and established companies to compete with doesn't mean you're gonna be commercial road kill. The bigger companies will try to run you over but it doesn't mean you give up your dreams. 

Sure business can sometimes be war especially when your competition has major advantages. However, some bigger companies tend to be conservative and cautious. They tend to be skeptical about new approaches and technologies which could work to your benefit.

Try to understand the conventional wisdom in your industry or business sector. But don't be afraid to innovate when necessary. For instance, I remember when the Internet 1st started and I'd try to get real estate companies to post real estate online they'd laugh at me and say things like "we don't advertise on the Internet - we advertise with the New York Times."

But now the times have changed and almost all real estate is marketed online.  I remember the days companies, especially small businesses, advertised with the Yellow Book and Blue Book.