Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Is Email Still Essential For Your Business

Today I spoke to business owner and colleague who sold me my 1st PC. Over the years he has repaired my PCs and sold me computer equipment and peripherals.

He is an insightful entrepreneur who is running a computer sales and repair shop in the same location for 20 years. But now he is moving to a new location. And he needs me to help him build a website and market to his client base to let them know he is moving.

The problem is he doesn't have an email database of his customers. Entrepreneurs in business, please, please, pretty please build an email follow up system for your business.

Having a social media profile isn't enough. You need a system where you control reaching your customers and clients as much as possible.

Essentially, your business isn't your products, brand, or location. Your business is primarily your customers and clients that keep you in business. If you have an email follow up system that you can automatically sign up people on your website and also manually add to the database of your brick and mortar store you are in a better business position to survive and thrive in business.