Saturday, September 09, 2017

Build A Team And Grow Your Business

You need a team In business.  You can't do everything yourself.  You have to hire or contract work out to other people.

My business coach Andrew Morrison taught me this many years ago when I was toiling as a solopreneur. You may be thinking I can't afford to hire good people in my business.  Where do I get help from?  Morrison also schooled me that...

Test Your Mobile Site's Speed for Business Survival

If you have an online business, even a local one, you have to remember you need a mobile version of your site. It is crucial peeps because in many industries 80% of your visitors will be using mobile phones.

If you market on social media or search engines many people will be using mobile devices. It is critical to have a mobile strategy because Google, designs its search engine for a "mobile 1st" experience because most people surf the Internet on mobile devices.