Monday, January 15, 2018

Don't Be A Copy Cat And Lose Your Business.

Don't be a copycat in business. It doesn't usually end well. Remember innovate don't imitate.

Be inspired but don't outright try to steal someone's ideas.  This is the tale of two restaurants.

I have a client for a few years locally in the restaurant business. Since I can't put their marketing info on blast let's just call this restaurant "Main Street Restaurant." They have a competitor with a similar name "Main Street Restaurant Grill" which confuses the hell out of people in the community.

My client had the name Main Street Restaurant first.

Because residents are confusing the name Main Street Restaurant, with Main Street Restaurant & Grill, our competitor gets a lot of business from my client Main Street Restaurant.

For example people by mistake call Main Street Restaurant & Grill placing orders thinking it is my client Main Street Restaurant. Even vendors confuse orders between these two restaurants because their names are so close.

These two restaurants have a very similar name however what is different is Main Street Restaurant, has been investing in me to promote their restaurant with Google My Business, and blog marketing on an ongoing basis.  This has increased their online orders to doing millions of dollars more over the few years I've been working with them.

I built their blogs and change menu items every day on their blogs and Google My Business Pages.  Can you believe to further bite into my clients business the competitor decides to start another restaurant 2 doors down from my client?

How brazen looking to not only capitalize on a similar name but open up a location two doors down from my client. However, they didn't realize my client doesn't just make money on street traffic.

We have a very aggressive online promotion and delivery business generating hundreds of thousands a month.  The competitor puts up a modern and very classy restaurant two doors down from my client.

You can tell they invested a lot of money. However, they closed up shop within a few months. They thought they'd bite into my clients street traffic business not realizing 50% of his business is online and in deliveries. Lesson learned the hard way. If you'd like to know how to make local business and online promotion work for your business hit me up by calling me at 973-298-6148.

Contact me and let's see if creative and innovative search engine and social media marketing can realistically out position your established, conservative, slow, and apprehensive techno resistant companies.

Bio: Search Engine Buzz is Published by DadPreneur Kamau Austin. Kamau is a popular Blogger, Writer, and Internet Marketing Professional helping small businesses grow more profitable businesses online.

If you need web design, blogging, search engine or social media promotion call him at 973-298-6148 for a free consultation.

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