Thursday, January 18, 2018

Don't Let Crummy Customer Service Destroy Your Growing Business


Don't sabotage your burgeoning business with crummy customer service. My best and most consistent customers over the years have been startup entrepreneurs, many of whom are people of color, who have built multi-million dollar businesses.

This isn't something I've planned but it is how things have worked out. Usually they aren't into online marketing (being too busy to hangout on social media or figure out search engine algorithms).

We usually are able to double their business in most cases with good online marketing. This sounds great right? Well sometimes believe it or not it can cause problems.

With all the new business we generate the phone may start ringing off the hook causing sales volume pressure for the client's employees. The client may have to hire more order takers or sales people.

And his or her sale people, or order takers, can become burnt out having to answer the phone so much. They may become hesitant to answer the phone.

We can see in their Google My Business Account, that the phone may be ringing 200 or 300 hundred times a day. Which is a lot of calls for employees to handle.

Also in their Google My Business page it tells that 200 people requested directions to the business on Google maps and I see waves and waves of people coming into the business looking to buy. However, the employees aren't helping the walk-in customers fast enough.

I see sometimes the employees working to help one customer or doing some admin work not talking to walk-ins. The walk-ins feeling their business isn't valued walk-out.

I have one client who must lose 5% of his potential business from people walking out. Don't do it!

Why would you be working to build a business and want 5% of walk-ins then walking out the door. They will go to your competitors and more than likely, go to Google My Business or Yelp and give you a bad review and ruin your business.

Customer service must be a top priority period! If people walk into your business and you're busy at least acknowledge them and tell them "you'll be right with them ASAP." Establish a business culture where the customer is right (even when they're wrong). Also establish that helping or serving customers come before other business admin work most of the time.

Tell your employees that sucking teeth, rolling eyes, trash talking, or brawling with customers isn't allowed or tolerated. Great customer service is essential to business and in these days and times of owner or investor focused businesses will be hard for your competitors to match.

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