Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Put Your Business Idea In the Fast Lane

Do you have a great business idea that you really believe in but you have been having a difficult time getting customers or clients especially online?  Do you really believe in your business idea and know if you found the right online marketing system you would do well?

You'll never reach your business goals and dreams without serious effective online marketing. If you're willing to invest in your business success I can help you get more customers and clients.

In my promotions for small, start up, and businesses for people of color I've been able to help them generate over 63 million in online sales in my career. In the last 2 years alone I've helped some small businesses increase revenues over 3 million dollars using a combination of Google, social media, search engines, blogging, email, online and press release marketing.

If you have a great human interest business story I can write a press release to over 3000 Black and urban media outlets (newspapers, magazines, radio stations, TV), post to social media groups with 177,000+ members, get you 40,000 views on my news blog, all at a nominal investment. The marketing investment would be very affordable for most viable business people or organizations. If you are serious hit me up on my cell: 973-298-6148

Contact me and let's see if creative and innovative search engine and social media marketing can realistically out position your established, conservative, slow, and apprehensive techno resistant companies.

Bio: Search Engine Buzz is Published by DadPreneur Kamau Austin. Kamau is a popular Blogger, Writer, and Internet Marketing Professional helping small businesses grow more profitable businesses online.

If you need web design, blogging, search engine or social media promotion call him at 973-298-6148 for a free consultation.

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