Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Why A Picture Is Worth A Million Words And Revenue On Google

A Picture Can Literally Be Worth A Million Words Or Dollars On Google

Ironically most people think the most effective way to market on Google is with text known as search terms and keywords.  However, almost literally on Google a picture can be worth a million words.

Thursday, May 28, 2020

Checkout Some Reasons Why Business People Shouldn't Just Rely On Social Media For Online Promotion

Business Owners or organization leaders let me urge you.  Don't just spend countless hours on social media trying to market your business.  It can drain your productivity.

You must avoid constant banter commenting on primarily social issues or just chumming it up with people or social media if you want to build your business. I actually lose money when I mostly comment on the social media platforms.

And some social media platforms actually try to hinder you from getting out certain views, news, and business information. For most people social media platforms helps them keep in touch with friends and connections -- but making money I doubt most are doing it.

For instance the deboosting of controversial views by both progressive and Black thought leaders has been well documented and researched by various groups. There are a lot of articles on it if you google it.

I've seen angel investors on Shark Tank not invest in companies who were making millions on for instance the platform because they said: "Facebook giveth and Facebook taketh away." I've heard of businesses do up to $20 million dollars on Facebook and get their companies wiped out due to algorithm changes.

I've seen people who have followings of 400,000 subscribers on their Youtube channels talk about getting kicked off and constantly suspended on Facebook and other social media platforms for being outspoken Black spokespeople. There is plenty of information out there to learn about deboosting or shadow banning. 

Shadow banning or deboosting is the tricks social media sites use when they don't like what you're posting and ban you without telling you.  You think you're posting to potential customers but you're actually not being shown to significant numbers of your followers or social media connections.  In other words you could have a friend's list of 5,000 people but the social platform only shows your post to 50 people on a regular basis.

Yes, you can make money on social media platforms if you invest in them.  Also you can make money off it if you advertise some quite effectively with some products and services.   If a group is going to talk about Black, business, or social issues a lot on like Facebook and build an active group it will usually allow it because they are building an audience on the platform.

However, If people who are building their own platforms they will deboost and delimit their activities. I don't want to rely on corporate/mainstream/ media to tell our stories. In my experience it doesn't end well relying on others to convey our narrative or promote our businesses.

I make a lot more money on other platforms than for instance Facebook, and get suspended primarily for sharing stories of people doing positive things in our community organizations and businesses. There are times I get blocked from posting in groups that I in fact started. However, Facebook and other social media sites does play a part in my overall scheme of things long term. I would advise any business person to not rely solely on other social media platforms and to ultimately  build their own platform and email list.

Social media sites are always adjusting their algorithms and they have content control persons of various types.  These platforms aren't what they used to be and isn't a long term money making strategy to build an independent business -- they are similar to a matrix. I don't know any sources now claiming Facebook is a great launching pad without paying a lot of money per action in ad buys.

If you just want to make some money, if you play their game, mostly advertising very expensively on nonpolitical issues and contribute to the consumerism yeah you can make some money. However for most people it is a place to primarily have endless political debates or keep up with friends and family.  Advertise if it makes dollars and cents but also keep your eye on independently building your own database and platform for your business.

Contact me and let's see if creative and innovative search engine and social media marketing can realistically out position your established, conservative, slow, and apprehensive techno resistant companies.

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