Search for Profits in Vacation Rentals

Search for Profits in New York and
New Jersey Vacation Suite Rentals

Do you have rental apartments and want to make a higher profit margin in the NYC/NJ/CT tri-state area?  Would you like to diversify your apartment real estate income to make your real estate more lucrative?

Did you know that NYC is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world? Yep, almost everyone wants to come to NYC to experience the frenetic pace and electrifying lifestyle at least once in their lives.

Yep the tourism business in New York City is one of its biggest industries doing almost $50 billion dollars a year in business for the BIG apple!  New York City, gets almost 30 million tourists a year visiting the city.  That means every day New York City gets 150,000 visitors to the city and these people need a place to stay.  Wouldn't you like to get a piece of this huge tourist business?

Hi, my name is Kamau Austin, and I've been working in the real estate promotion and vacation rental business for over 7 years for my clients.  I help some multimillion dollar real estate owners and management companies market their properties online and I want to help you also generate and make more profit from your real estate in the New York City and tri-state area.   

I use advanced Search Engine advertising and marketing in addition to sites like AirBnB to market your vacation rental property. I work with some clients now and rent out properties to vacationers to NYC.

Some make $3,500+ a month plus on small 1 and 2 bedroom suites. 30 million visitors to NYC a year or over 150,000 visitors a day make doing vacation rentals a good real estate busines
s for NYers and increasingly real estate owners in New Jersey not far from Manhattan.

It really is a good opportunity. An apartment with a traditional renter might make $1200 to $1,500 a month but with turning the apartments into vacation rental suites they are making $3,500 and up.

New anti-AirBnB laws enacted by politicians make it difficult to run a vacation rental business for most homeowners in NYC now.  There are heavy fines and legal ramifications to consider.

This means you have to know the law in NYC to stay out of trouble.  Also this gives a tremendous opportunity for homeowners in areas of New Jersey or even Conneticut close to public and highway transportation to Manhattan to cash in on the burgeoning vacation rental business.  New Jersey doesn't have the challenging laws in place to hinder a person in the NYC tourism business.

If you need someone to help you transition your apartments to vacation rentals please hit me up.

I have over 4 years experience specifically doing vacation rental suites for clients with online marketing strategies.  And I have good references.  I'm not a lawyer and if you are looking to do vacation rentals in New York you should seek the advice of a Real Estate attorney.

However, I am familiar with the rules to some extent and can discuss it with you.  If you live in New York or Connecticut within 45 minutes from Manhattan you should contact me if you want to explore increasing your income with vacation rental suites. Contact me at 973-298-6148 ( You can call or text this number)

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