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Promote your business with a lot more positive profit potential on Google's owned Blogger website and blog platform. If you have a retail or eCommerce website that runs specials or deals every day Blogger can be modified to be a great profit pulling promotion platform for you.

Wait don't laugh - I'm serious it is a lot cheaper than installing Word Press with some other great benefits!

Google has recently started promoting custom domains for Blogger. Blogger can be tweaked to be as advanced as most Word Press Blogs with options giving us the ability to choose from hundreds of Google plugins.

Furthermore, a Blog can now be configured to look just like a standard dynamic website when you hire me. I have over a thousands hours developing blogs with custom names on Blogger to call upon to help build your business.

Other Advances to having a Blogger Blog modified to look like a Website are:

When you build a blogger blog you simultaneously build a mobile version of your blog;

Blogger will make your contact info private if you want. Other services charge $35 a year or more;

Faster indexing by Google for your Blog since you buy from their service; and...

Seamless integration with Google Domain Services

Therefore, you can have an awesome dynamic website looking blog with your own custom domain name (e.g. www.YourBusiness.com) instead of the long .blogspot.com URLs. The Blogger website has great plugins like a universal translator (great for the diverse northeast where many people speak Spanish, French, Russian, Mandarian and other languages).

Also it has a great feature like Adsense plugins, most popular posts plugins, and we can upload your own graphics to truly customize the look of the site. I'll do an advanced Blogger website looking Blog for only $99 if you hire me by the end of the week. This service is worth at least $300 and I have some clients who have paid me a lot more.

You must provide your own graphics, website content and copy, etc. If you need a Blogger site equiped for eCommerce with Pay Pal shopping buttons or carts that is more.

P.S. I have over 11 years experience in search engine promotion and a large social media following on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, G+, Tagged, and Yelp. So when I build your Blog it is made to be popular on both search engines and social media.

Let's get this party started! Call me now and ask for Austin at: 973-298-6148.

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